Russian dolls are also called nesting dolls, or, in Russian, matryoshka.

The first set of dolls was made in 1890. A rather recent date, to my surprise. With their little air or folklore, I would have thought these ladies to be much, much older, going back centuries. Turns out they can come in other themes than the peasant costume as well. Some are painted as boys, some as politicians and the smallest one is often depicted as a baby.


Printable Monthly Calendar 2013: January, February, March



Printable Monthly Calendar 2013: April, May, June



Printable Monthly Calendar 2013: July, August, September



Printable Monthly Calendar 2013: October, November, December



Find this 2013 Printable Monthly Calendar on Etsy here.

It is more of a desktop calendar.

Need room to plan? If you’re looking for a calendar with room to write, add appointments, notes and/or birthdays: a LARGE printable monthly calendar for 2013 (with the same Russian dolls) is available here.