French Printable Jelly Jar Labels – Free

French Printable Jelly Jar Labels – Free

Nostalgic French Jelly Jar Labels, Printable & Free


The famous French brand “Bonne Maman” uses a similar pattern to this one in the design of their jelly jar labels. The checkered red and white makes me think of the authentic French style breakfast at a rustic, wooden table, tearing apart chunks of bread to a manageable size. Dipping them in a large bowl of coffee and spilling drops of strawberry jam here and there, leaving the table all sticky!

The red & white checkered pattern probably reminds many of summer picknicks in the grass. To the classic picknick blanket and a matching picknick basket lining, you can now add these printable jelly jar labels. Under the word “confiture” (Yup, French for jam or jelly… How did you know?) there is room to write the content and date of your creation.

The round jelly jar labels are approx. 2.5″ in diameter and the rectangular ones are approx 2″ x 4″.

Both the designs should fit on a sheet of (sticker) paper of 8.5″ x 11″.


Rectangular jelly jar labels

jelly-jar-labels-fench-sheet-rectangles-all-colors5Download PDF


Round jelly jar labels

jelly-jar-labels-french-all-colors1Download PDF

How to download the jelly jar labels?

  • Left click on the download button
  • A new window opens with the high resolution file
  • Right click on that image
  • Select “save image as” to save to your computer
  • The file should be in your downloads-folder & the window with the image can be closed.

The color red fits strawberries, raspberries, tomatoes… If you have another fruit-tint in mind which you would like to see the checkered pattern changed to, leave a note!

It might form the inspiration for a new set of jelly jar labels… and actually, if you are not familiar with the French brand Bonne Maman, check out their website for some beautiful pictures, reflecting the atmosphere I attempted to describe in the beginning of this post.


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