DoW-LiveOrganizing your life can be a massive challenge, for many reasons.

Perhaps you’re juggling a bunch of all too awesome activities. Caring for the young, the old(er), the two legged or four legged friends and family – on top of yourself (when time allows)? Now that can fil any random day with the most unpredictable events to juggle. Or mayby you’re just chaotic in nature? (Raising my hand.)

Having creativity bubble up in my head at random iffy moments, I find it very difficult to combine that flow with a tight schedule. Actually, any schedule at all. There’s something contradictory about it. But then again – no matter how much of a challenge it can be, there’s obviously something to be said about discipline. Making a plan. Sticking to it. There’s also something calming about having some sort of overview. A little situational awareness of your life.

On a personal note, I find planners, calendars and to-do list to have such a ‘homy’ feel to them! So, even though I’m not very talented at the application of their rules in general… I love having them around. Either to keep up the illusion of being somewhat organized, or to slowly but gradually get the hang of it. Perhaps it’s a bit of both.

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