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Blue Monday.

The third monday of January and – apparently – most depressing day of the year. The holidays have drifted far into the past. Special treats, keeping our taste-buds in a festive mood for weeks, are now continuing the party in other area’s of the body. Days remain to be short, dark and cold.

This curious statement has been labelled as pseudo-psychology, for lack of actual scientific data to back it up. So even though no hard evidence proves this thought to be right, there’s something about it that just sounds like it has truth to it. Depending on where you live, at least. I see how the winter can be experienced as long, gloomy and uncomfortable, when the Christmas lights have gone out, but the spring still keeps you waiting.

Especially because one thing science does show, is that the exposure to daylight stimulates the body to make more of certain hormones associated with happiness. Sunlight – even better.

Another way to improve health and happiness has been proven to be just as simple: gratitude. Experiments have shown that if we focus on what we’re grateful for, we become happier about our life. Sounds like the perfect substitute for sunlight in cloud-covered area’s! Thank you’s all around, for better health, happiness and well-being.

Connect with someone special by expressing to them what beauty he or she brings into your life and saying thank you.

These free printable thank you cards come in three colors. If they’re not what you’re looking for exactly, just scroll down for other options!

The PDF files are ready to print as a folded greeting card, with trim marks for easy cutting.

Free Printable Thank You Cards in Mustard Yellow


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Free Printable Thank You Cards in Aqua Green


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Free Printable Thank You Cards in Baby Blue


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Source: http://www.huffingtonpost.com/ocean-robbins/having-gratitude-_b_1073105.html


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